Article specific variations

ProPhoto allows you to modify certain option values for specific posts and pages from your edit screen, giving you more granular control over how each page of your site appears.


In this tutorial, the term “article” refers to WordPress Posts, WordPress Pages, or other custom post types.

The settings that you apply when working on your ProPhoto design are what we call global options, because these settings don’t change for different types of pages or posts you create.  The exception to this is when ProPhoto provides page type checkboxes, which allow you change a setting for certain types of pages. These checkboxes allow you to alter the appearance of your design on certain types of pages, like showing/hiding the Footer Area at the bottom of your site with these options:


Page type display options for the footer area

But, what if you want to remove the Footer Area from the bottom of a particular page, while showing it on others?  Or what if you want to disable Pinterest image pinning on a specific blog post without affecting other posts?

Showing/hiding features on specific posts and pages

When you are editing an article (remember: pages, posts, etc.) in WordPress, you will see a pane that allows you to override settings for that specific article. Click on the toggle switch to open the pane – you’ll recognize option boxes which are styled just like the ProPhoto Customize areas, as seen in this example:


Default article options area with no changes

About black and blue

How can you tell which options are enabled in your design for the article type you’re working on?
How can you tell which options are overridden from the ProPhoto settings for your site, in general?
It’s all about the color.

Black options represent settings from your ProPhoto design overall. When you make changes to these in ProPhoto, you’ll notice they update here, as well. In the example above, you can see that the primary nav menu is checked, so that part of your design will be seen when visitors visit the page on the site.

Blue options represent settings you’ve changed manually for this specific article, helping you keep track of which settings are being overridden, as seen in the example below:


Blue items are overriding the options applied in this design

Notice above that the primary nav is unchecked and has turned blue – this means this specific page will not show the primary nav menu area, among the other overrides highlighted in blue above. Changes specific to this article

After customizing your article options, simply publish or update the article to save all your article specific overrides.

A note about disabling image protection

If you want to disable your image protection options from “ProPhoto” > “Customize” > “Content Appearance” > “Text & Images” so that folks can download directly inserted images from a specific page, you can do that here. But, if you have the Pin it hover overlay enabled you will need to disable that as well. The pin

About “Variations”

What if you have a type of page that you create regularly – perhaps a ‘client’ page type – and each of them should use the same set of overrides? If you can’t apply the same things to every page you create in your ProPhoto design, you can streamline the use of these manual overrides by using “Variations”.

Variations are stored sets of article-specific options that can be applied to any article with one click.  The first step with Variations is to store an option set.  After customizing your article options, open the Variation manager by clicking the “Manage variations” link next to the on/off switch.  To store the current options as a Variation, enter a name for the Variation and click “Store”.


After a brief moment while the Variation is stored, you’ll see a success message and your new Variation will appear in a dropdown list.


All of your stored variations are available to be applied to any other article by selecting it from the dropdown list and clicking “Apply”.  You’ll immediately see the applied Variation settings reflected in the option area below.


You can also delete unwanted variations by selecting it from the dropdown and clicking on the delete button.

How to disable all page specific overrides

You can delete all article-specific options saved for an article by turning the main option area switch to “off” and updating the article.

Special Note About Mobile Layouts

While these controls apply to the layout ProPhoto creates for computers and tablets, mobile phones create a different layout and these features will not work for elements seen on for mobile devices.

We plan to enhance this tool in the future by providing controls that allow you to override items in the mobile layout, but until these options are added in this area, try looking into using Custom CSS code to hide items.

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