Bluehost Rebate

Whenever we are asked about hosting, we recommend Bluehost.
In fact, we believe in them so much that we are offering a one-time $30 rebate to anyone who signs up for a new webhosting account through our website and purchases a new copy of ProPhoto. (upgrade does not qualify)

Is this a discount?

No, a discount is applied before your ProPhoto purchase – ask your friends who use ProPhoto if they have a discount code you can use and they’ll earn money while you receive a discount.

Is this a rebate?

Yes, a rebate is credited after you purchase new Bluehost service and a new ProPhoto license – this is a “rebate” not a discount.

How do I get this Bluehost rebate?

You must use the link below to purchase new Bluehost hosting service, and then purchase (full price) ProPhoto and when you install & register ProPhoto check a box for your rebate so we can refund you the $30.
Here are the steps to get your rebate:

  1. Click to signup for a new hosting account.
    Signing up is incredibly easy to do. You should see this page on Bluehost’s site stating that you are verified for the rebate. Click the “get started now” button and choose a domain name, hosting plan and any other products you want.  All the hosting plans work but we recommend the “plus” or “pro” plans over “basic.”  You’ll get the best price if you pay for 3yrs up front.
    bh If you don’t see this page when signing up, come back to our site and click on one of our Bluehost links again.
  2. Purchase ProPhoto from our site.
  3. Install WordPress and ProPhoto on your new Bluehost hosting setup.
    (rebates may not apply automatically if you install using a ‘temp address’ during setup – we can still issue a rebate)
  4. After installing ProPhoto, check the rebate box during ProPhoto registration, as shown here:

    Check this box within the ProPhoto Installation to request your rebate

When we receive notification of your registration, we will confirm your signup, and send a $30 partial-refund against your ProPhoto purchase within 10 days. We’ll even send you an Email when we complete the refund.

If you leave Bluehost’s site after clicking our link, make sure you see the above page when you return to sign up.  If you don’t see this page, return to our site and click through one of our Bluehost links again.

What if I bought ProPhoto before Bluehost?

If you haven’t installed and registered ProPhoto yet, you can still get the rebate – just register following the steps above and check the rebate box.

Why do you want me to use Bluehost?

Your peace of mind, and less stress.  It’s easy to use and we are very familiar with their products.  If you ever need our help, we know just what to look for.

One of the top WordPress-recommended webhosts
Bluehost has achieved this ranking by working closely with the WordPress team to ensure that their hosting package is perfectly optimized for running the world’s #1 blogging platform, WordPress. This means no conflicts between WordPress and your blog’s server, shielding you (and us) from the technical frustrations experienced by some users on webhosts that are not as WordPress friendly.  In fact, we even use Bluehost to host our own site here at ProPhoto.

Control panel that makes managing your site easy.

Their interpretation of cPanel makes it easy to manage your domain names, update PHP, install WordPress, download backups, add email accounts and more.  Their automatic WordPress installer makes installing WordPress and ProPhoto a snap.

Security and Auto Backup features

Having a website hacked is no fun, and WordPress’ popularity has made it a target of hackers around the world. Tragically, we’ve seen users lose years of blog posts because of a malicious website attack. While their sites could have been restored from a backup, many did not have a backup because they forgot or did not know how to back up WordPress content.

Bluehost automatically backs up both your website files and your WordPress database daily, weekly, and monthly so you have more free time, and the piece of mind that comes from knowing you can access a backup of your site at any time – all without messing with FTP or backup plugins.  For even more granular control of backups and for file/folder specific restoration option you can pay for their “site backup pro” service.

24/7 customer support

If something goes wrong with your hosting service, you want to know that you can get help. Bluehost has a customer support team that is accessible at all hours of the day by chat or phone.

As we realized how beneficial it was for our customers (and for us in supporting our customers) to use Bluehost for hosting, we contacted Bluehost and asked them to give us incentive ($) for our customers to use them for hosting. With our  partnership, they pay us a referral fee when you sign up through us, so that we can pass savings on to you. We think this will make everyone happy :)

Some Restrictions Apply

There’s always a catch, right? Well, in this case, just these minor points:

  • First, this only applies for new hosting signups. If you signed up for Bluehost a while ago, unfortunately we’re not able to retroactively apply this rebate.
  • Second, you may not combine this offer with any other discounts or promotional pricing for web hosting service.
  • Third, your Bluehost signup must be within 45 days of your ProPhoto purchase and you must install ProPhoto and register it within 45 days to receive the rebate.  This is not because we’re stingy, it’s because our payment system doesn’t let us do partial refunds after 45 days.

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