Buttons editor

If you haven’t already done so, you’ll want to check out our buttons overview. The purpose of this tutorial is to describe the different areas in the buttons editor.

The Buttons editor is where you will create and edit individual ProPhoto Buttons. There are a lot of options here so it is important to become familiar with the different parts.wp38_buttons editor labeled

1. Button Title

The Button title is an optional field meant to help you differentiate one button from another. It is not displayed as a part of the visible Button on your site. It only shows up in “ProPhoto” > “Customize” > “Buttons”.

2. Editing Context

The editing context selector lets you choose which part of the button you are working on. There are three basic options.

    • Button general – adjust things like width and height, border and background color of the whole Button
    • Button layers – add and customize the text and images that make up your Button, in stacked layers.  Click this link for help uploading images to button layers.
    • Layer order – allows you to drag and drop reorder the stacked layers. The bottommost layers appear on top of the Button stack.

wp38_buttons layer order

3. Customization area

This is where you actually make the individual changes that work together to create your ProPhoto button. The contents of this area change depending on which context you’ve selected to customize.

4. Preview Area

The lower half of the Button editor is the “Preview area” where you can see your changes as you make them.

Where can I create a link for a button?

Links are not permanently attached to buttons, just like they are not permanently attached to images. For example, if you want to use a button for your logo, you first create the button itself. Then you select it in “ProPhoto” > “Customize” > “Header Area” > “Logo”. In that same area you paste in the url you want to associate with your logo. Check out our list of button enabled areas to see all the places you can use a button.

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