Button general options

There are two customization groups available when editing the “Button general” context: “general” and “dropshadow”.  These settings apply to the entire button and not individual Button layers.

General customization options

wp38_button general options

  1. Button dimensions -ProPhoto can’t automatically downsize Buttons, so it’s important to set the dimensions to exactly the display size you need.
  2. Button background color – set the background color for the entire Button and an optional hover state background color
  3. Button border – apply a border for the entire Button and an optional hover state border
  4. Button rounded corners – set your rounded corner value

15px rounded corners

15px rounded corners

The override controls for the hover state of the button border and background, allow for the border and background color of the button to be different on rollover.  You can see the affect of both your regular and hover state settings in the preview area.wp38_buttons general hover1

Dropshadow customization options

You can also set a dropshadow on the button itself by selecting “dropshadow” on the left side sub-context menu. You can then enable and customize a dropshadow and optionally modify the shadow on hover for a more dramatic rollover effect.wp38_buttons general shadow selectwp38_buttons gen shadow hover

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