ProPhoto Caching

This particular option can be found by logging into your site's admin area and going to:
"ProPhoto" > "Customize" > "Site Settings" > "Misc."

Is your website running slowly? By enabling caching in ProPhoto, you may be able to significantly improve the loading speed for your site’s posts and pages.


What does caching do?

When a visitor wants to view a page on your website or blog, your web server must pull together a bunch of pieces of information and then ‘build’ the page before it can be sent to your visitor to be seen. Often, these pieces of information are each so small and quick to pull together, that the time it takes to view a page is very fast.

But some web servers are slower than others, and for many reasons – many other websites might be stored and accessed on the same computer, or the number of posts or photos on your site may slow down the computer as it searches for the pieces of a page it needs to put together.

Enabling caching allows ProPhoto to create and store copies of your pages after they’ve been ‘built’ once, so that the next time a visitor tries to view that page, the web server does not need build it from scratch each time. When changes are made, the copies are deleted so fresh info is stored instead.

How can caching help?

Caching can help if your visitors have trouble like this:

  • the Contact Form appears to take a long time to load/display or have a loading error after a delay
  • pages of slide down content take a long time or have a loading error after a delay
  • posts or pages seem to take a long time to show up after a link is clicked

This caching feature will not help speed up things like this:

  • the first time a page is viewed, ever
    (this is when the cache is ‘primed’ – subsequent views should be improved)
  • images that must be downsized for the first time
  • WordPress admin areas and ProPhoto settings areas

Remember that caching speeds up the pages you view on your site because the server doesn’t need to ‘put together’ certain bits of information – if there is a photo in a page, it’s going to take a normal amount of time for that image to download to your visitor’s browser no matter what. Since the Lazyloading images feature is turned on in ProPhoto by default, and since ProPhoto creates downsized copies of images by default, your photos should already be optimized to load as quickly as possible.

What if caching doesn’t help?

Caching should only help, and won’t hurt your site loading speeds, so it’s advisable to turn this feature on unless you’re troubleshooting problems. But if you find that your site (or your WordPress admin areas) are still loading far too slowly, there could be other problems, including a slow Internet connection, a problem with your web server, or many other issues causing slowness.

Please see the guide linked above for further help, or consider contacting your web hosting company tech support for assistance. Contact us if you are still having trouble after reaching your hosting company for suggestions.

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