Proofing Collections

This particular option can be found by logging into your site's admin area and going to:
"ProPhoto" > "Customize" > "Proofing Settings" > "Collections"

Collections are named groups into which a customer can place images.  They can serve to solely assist viewers in categorizing images and selecting favorites; or you can have them submit certain collections to you directly.

Enabling/disabling collections in galleries

When you create a proofing gallery, you’ll see a box in the editor screen which shows you all the collections you’ve setup. By default, they’ll all be enabled and made available for clients to use.

all available Collections are enabled by default for each gallery you create

all available Collections are enabled by default for each gallery you create

You may uncheck them individually on a per-gallery basis if you have a gallery where one or more collections should not be available for clients.

Collection settings

Give each of your desired collections a name and select one of the icons that we make available from Font Awesome.  If you check the option to enable a collection by default it will automatically be applied when you create a new gallery, potentially saving you time.proofing collection settings default
When creating or editing a proofing gallery, choose which collections you want available.enable collections

Font Awesome Icon

If one of the default icons work for your collection then simply select from the  group that ProPhoto displays. But if you’d like to search from the full (and growing) list of Font Awesome icons, click the option to “choose from full list.” Then click the Font Awesome link to see the full list. Copy the custom class for the icon you like and paste it into the “custom icon slug” box.proofing choose font awesome icon2proofing collection icon full list

Collection icon visibility

All the collections that you enable for an individual gallery will have their corresponding icon appear when a viewer mouses over an individual image.  In the icon visibility option area you can choose to have the icon visible when it’s been checked for an image or to only be visible when the mouse hovers that particular image.proofing icon visibility options

proofing view icons on hover

Icon set to always be visible

proofing icon visibility hide-show

Icons set to show only on hovered images.

Showing and submitting collections

When viewing a gallery, you can choose to only display images you have added to a specific collection from the “show” dropdown on the top left. This is helpful when there are a lot of images in a gallery and you want to see only those images you have already added to a collection. proofing show one collection

The images a client has placed in a single collection can be submitted without requiring a purchase.proofing collections submitA submitted collection will show up in “Proofing” > “Orders“. This is the same location that your purchased orders will display but it is easy to differentiate the two order types.  A collection is only a record of chosen images from a gallery.  An order contains the actual products purchased.proofing collection vs order

Downloading of collections

DIGITAL DOWNLOADS ARE AFFECTED BY THE DISCONTINUATION OF THE PROOFING PLUGIN! Please read the Discontinued Proofing Plugin page for details.

When a user has created a collection on one of your proofing gallery pages, if they are authorized to download all of the images in it (because you gave them a product for free, or because they have paid for a digital download of every image in the collection), they will see a new link to download the collection. The user will then be sent an email with a link to download a zip file of just the images in that collection.

users can download collections of purchased or free download products

users can download collections of purchased or free download products


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