Proofing discounts overview

Offer customizable discounts to certain galleries, certain people, for certain amounts and for defined periods of time. Watch the video or read the written guide below.

Automatic discounts

There are two different types of discounts available.

  • Monetary discounts – A set dollar amount subtracted from the cart total.
  • Percentage discounts – Each product is reduced by a set percentage before the cart is totaled.

Both of these types of discounts are available as automatic discounts, which apply automatically, or via discount codes that you can create in “Proofing” > “Discount Codes“. Automatic discounts are set up on a gallery by gallery basis and are more of a blunt instrument since they apply to all users and all products in a specific gallery.

proofing automatic discounts

The discount option area in the gallery editing screen.

If you don’t need to exclude anyone or any products from a discount then automatic discounts are a convenient tool. The advantage is that no special codes are required. A monetary discount is subtracted visibly in the cart.

automatic discount cart view

Here an automatic monetary discount of $10 is subtracted in the cart.

Percentage discounts don’t present the viewer with a separate discount line as they affect the price shown in the cart. They can be applied to shipping costs or only the product costs.

Here each price is reduced by a percentage discount of 20%.

Here each price is reduced by a percentage discount of 20%.

Discount codes

Discount codes offer lots of flexibility. With so many options, you should be able to create just the right specialized code for any kind of discount you want to offer. When editing a proofing gallery, check to enable discount codes and click the button to start creating a code that will only apply to that gallery. By default, discount codes are enabled. They can be disabled on individual galleries, as seen in the box below or for all galleries in the “New gallery defaults” area of “ProPhoto” > “Customize” > “Proofing Settings“.
discount codes from post
Clicking the button will take you to “Proofing” > “Discount Codes“, where you can build just the kind of discount you need. Alternatively, you can go to “Proofing” > “Discount Codes” directly.  Here you see two things.  A place to create a code and a table showing all your codes and their usage.  First we will cover the process of creating a code.proofing discount code creation

1. Code

If you leave this blank ProPhoto will automatically create a random unguessable code as a series of numbers and letters. But you have the option of creating the code yourself.  In the image above see that the code is set to “LISA-{*****} and the number of codes is set to 10.  The number of asterisks between the curly braces tell ProPhoto how many characters to randomize after “LISA-“.  With those settings ProPhoto creates 10 different codes, all with the same settings, each starting with “LISA-” and ending with 5 randomized characters.  The ten codes below were created using the custom settings seen above.proofing code names

2. Code name

This is also an optional area. Whatever name you enter here serves as a reminder as to what the code was for. In the existing codes table, what you enter here shows up in the “Name” column. It is not visible to clients.proofing discount code name

3. Number of codes

If you want more than one code to share the same settings, then set this number to however many you want. If you leave the “Code” box blank ProPhoto will auto generate them. If you enter a word, like “xmas” in the box, ProPhoto will slap on a random series of characters at the end of multiple codes all starting with xmas. As discussed above, curly braces and asterisks can be used to set how many characters ProPhoto adds to the end of each code in a series.

4. Expiration

If you would like your code to expire, set the number of days you would like it to be active here. This can be particularly useful for holiday specials.

5. Discount types

This is the same option discussed previously but here it is a part of a code and not applied automatically. Set a specific dollar amount to be subtracted (and visible) in the cart. Or set a percentage discount that will automatically reduce the price of each applicable product.

6. Discount amount

Here set the percentage or dollar amount of the discount.

7. Shipping costs

If a percentage discount is selected, choose whether or not to apply that discount to shipping costs.

8. Number of uses

For unlimited code usage, leave it at zero. But, if you want to restrict a specific code to a set number of uses, that you can establish that here.

9. Email addresses

Adding email addresses to this box restricts the code(s) generated to only work when viewers log in with one of these email addresses.

10 and 11. Valid galleries and products

The code(s) can be made to work for all proofing galleries or only specific ones. If you click the “create discount code for this gallery button” in the gallery editing screen, the discounts creation page will open with only that gallery selected in this area. Also choose whether the code will provide a discount for every available product, just certain product types or only certain products.

Codes can provide discounts for all products in all galleries, or may be targeted more specifically.

Codes can provide discounts for all products in all galleries, or may be targeted more specifically.

Existing codes

After you click “create new code” to generate your new code(s), your new code will immediately show up in the existing codes table below. They are color coded to show their status.

  • Green – shows all codes that are valid (they have not expired or been used up)
  • Yellow – shows codes that have been used the max number of times you set
  • Red – shows codes from which the expiry date has passed

proofing existing codes tableClick any of the blue links in parenthesis to expand an area to see more information. The image below shows the “LISA-{*****}” code from above with the “code,” “emails,” and “products” areas expanded.  proofing discount table expand To delete a code from the table, hover over it and click the delete button on the left.proofing discount deleteThree buttons at the bottom of the existing codes table provide quick options for deleting all expired codes, deleting all used codes, and expanding every table area.proofing discounts table buttons1

Code usage

If a viewer enters a code in their cart that is set to work for the gallery they are viewing and the products in their cart, it will be accepted with a green check and the discount will be applied. The code will not be accepted if it is expired, has been used up, or does not apply to the products in the cart.  The example below shows a monetary discount being applied.proofing code in useWhen an order is submitted with a discount code, you will see the code and the effect of the code in the details for that order in “Proofing” > “Orders“.proofing discount order detailsAutomatic discounts also show up in your orders area.Google Chrome1


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