• Step 1A: Purchase a domain
  • Step 1B: Sign up with a host
  • Step 1C: Install WordPress
  • Step 1D: Buy ProPhoto

If you aren't sure whether you have what you need to use ProPhoto, you can check out our pre-installation tutorial that will ask some basic questions to help point you in the right direction

Step 1A: Purchase a Domain

A domain is a unique web address. For ProPhoto, you need to own your primary domain, not just have a sub-domain on someone else's primary domain. Why? Your own primary domain means that you can manage WordPress yourself, fully tapping into the power of WordPress by adding any theme or plugins you choose.

Valid domain names

These domains won't work

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Step 1B: Sign Up With A Host

In the same way that a mailing address is connected to a piece of property, your domain name needs to be attached to a webhosting company. Webhosts have computers that can store website files in a way so that they are accessible on the internet. .

Domain + Hosting = $7 per month

If you already have these, try our quick hosting lookup tool to see if yours is compatible with ProPhoto. If so, skip to 1C.

How do I get hosting? What if I already have hosting?

Step 1C: Install Self-hosted WordPress

WordPress is the framework on which ProPhoto is built, and can be installed in the hosting account you set up in 1B. Wordpress is the world's most popular software for creating websites, and we've built on top of it to give you powerful, easy tools and templates that allow you to use it as a blog, site, gallery, or all three.

ProPhoto doesn't work with Wordpress.com hosting. Make sure you have your own webhosting account and that you install self-hosted WordPress. (See 1B for details)

View our "Installing WordPress" Tutorial

Step 1D: Buy and Install ProPhoto

This is where the magic happens. Visually speaking, WordPress is pretty bland right out of the box. Instead they leave all the design magic up to "themes" like ProPhoto. With ProPhoto installed, you have access to over 1,000 tools/settings that give unparalleled flexibility in styling your site, packaged in a simple, intuitive interface.

View our "Installing ProPhoto" Tutorial

Oops, One Last Step: Smile

The hard work is done. Now you're on your way to creating something great! So, start envisioning an idea for your site, get your photographs ready, and get busy using ProPhoto to create a site that will showcase your work.