Proofing Orders

In “Proofing” > “Orders” all your purchased orders and submitted collections display. This is a powerful area with a lot of tools to help make your workflow more efficient.


Each submission can be given a status of open, closed, archived or trashed. This allows you to easily filter which orders or collections are displayed.proofing order status1

Manually delete trashed submissions

ProPhoto Proofing automatically deletes orders and collections after 30 days in the trash. However, if you want to delete manually a trashed order immediately, use the “delete” button when viewing a trashed submission.

you can now manually delete trashed orders and collections

you can manually delete trashed orders and collections

Submission types

There are two types of submissions that will appear in this screen: submitted collections which are only images chosen by your client, and purchased orders which are images purchased by your client as a product you have created.

Purchased orders

A purchased order will show up here as soon as a customer submits the products in their cart.

If the collection of an address is turned off, clicking "complete order" will submit the order.

If the collection of an address is turned off, clicking “complete order” will submit the order.

If an address is collected then the "submit" button submits the order

If an address is collected then the “submit” button submits the order

Submitted collections

Collections are groups of images that clients have placed into specific groups that you have enabled for an individual gallery. Submitting a collection doesn’t require a purchase or even a product selection. It is only for submitting images a customer has highlighted. Collections show up in blue and will labeled as such.  When a collection is submitted, the administrator will receive an email notification that looks like this.


The email contains helpful links to the gallery, the order page and the email address of the client who submitted

Submitted collection options

Submitted collections are simply a group of images your client has chosen with the Collections tool. See below for Purchased orders options.

Clicking this link generates an email you may send to the client who submitted the collection. The email will open in your computer’s default email software.

The “view” link takes you directly to the gallery page on the front end. The “edit” link takes you directly to the editing area for that specific gallery.

3. Display buttons

You have three options for how your collection images display in your “Orders” area – a small thumbnail grid, a larger thumbnail grid or as a list. The list view (shown below) will display more details about each image including a direct link to the image, the filename and a download link.proofing_order_collection_listview

Clicking this download link button sends you an email with a link to download ONLY the images selected by the client. You’ll be presented with the popup seen below. You can choose one of your email profiles from “ProPhoto” > “Customize” > “Site Settings” > “Email” to receive the zip file email.proofing_190_request_download_ordersAfter the images have been zipped, a download link is sent to your chosen address, so you can download the images with or without a watermark.proofiing_download_link_email

Clicking the email button sends an email to any address, containing a download link of ONLY the images selected by the client. The text in this email may be customized in “ProPhoto” > “Customize” > “Proofing Settings” > “Emails”.proofing_orders_send_download_link
The “from” name and email address for the message will be created using the first and last name entered in your email profile, and the address is formatted like this:
Seen in this example email: proofing_orders_send_download_link

6. Lightroom filename lists

This button creates a file in the comma-separated CSV format, listing the filenames and other details from orders/collections, which you can use for fast image selection in Adobe Lightroom.

all filenames from order or collection in comma-separated list for use in Lightroom

all filenames from order or collection in comma-separated list for use in Lightroom

Copy this list of filenames from the popup, and paste them into the search box when you are viewing your Adobe Lightroom image library. Images with matching filenames will be displayed so you may quickly select them for processing. See the Adobe Lightroom help & documentation if you are unfamiliar with the image search features.

Purchased order options

Purchased orders are not Submitted collections of images, but rather, Orders are the products and packages your client has added to their cart and submitted/purchased. See above for Submitted collections options.
proofing_190_purchased_order details

1. Gallery links

Just like for a collection order, these links take you to the front and back end of the gallery page from which the order was created.

2. Payment and fulfillment status

For your payment status, select an option that applies from unpaid, pending, in process, and paid.  When manually processing payments, you will change these yourselves.  If using PayPal, the payment status should change automatically.  The fulfillment options are pre-populated with some labels but you can add or change these status options in “ProPhoto” > “Customize” > “Proofing Settings” > “General“.  These options are designed to help you keep track of where you are in the fulfillment process for each order.

3. Show/hide product details

Click the “show button” to see details for each product including the type, chosen variations, quantity and price.  When viewing your product list, you can click “edit” to remove individual products or change their quantities. Changes will auto-save immediately. Click “hide” to slide the product information closed again.
proofing_orders_show_productsTo edit the quantity of a product in an order or to delete one entirely, click the “edit” button that shows up when viewing all the products in the order.  If an order contains a package, you’ll see it labeled as such and will have the ability to expand the view to see all the products in the package.


click the “+” to see the products in the package


package products are indented under a package

These work the same way as previously described for collection orders. The download button is used to send yourself a zip file of ONLY the images included in the client’s order. The email button is used to send the download link to someone else. The text in the email may be customized in “ProPhoto” > “Customize” > “Proofing Settings” > “Emails“.

5. Lightroom filename lists

Just like for collection orders this button creates a comma-separated CSV file, listing the filenames and details from submitted orders/collections, to use for fast image selection in Adobe Lightroom.

6. Reports

ProPhoto creates reports to aid in the fulfillment process, including all the info seen on the order page in a format that can be easily printed or added to a database you use for bookkeeping. The HTML link generates a simple HTML page with all the order details, including individual image download links.
proofing_orders_html_report w-package
The Download Spreadsheet link creates a .csv file that you can open in your favorite spreadsheet software. An example below shows what an exported report looks like after opening in Microsoft Excel. Notice that information about any packages information is clearly identified using sub-item headings.proofing_order_spreadsheet

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