Pinterest Widgets


ProPhoto offers a widget that actually contains several Pinterest widgets.  Each one has different options discussed below.  The different items will be displayed in the preview area of the widget after you’ve entered any required options.

Follow me button

Basically, this is a Pinterest branded button that links to your Pinterest profile.


You must enter a valid Pinterest username which ProPhoto uses to create a link to your profile.  You can also enter optional text for the button (if left empty, the default text is “follow me”).  The widget does the rest of the work to style the button.  Alternatively, you can select a custom image (uploaded to your “ProPhoto” > “Customize” > “Site Settings” > “Widget Images” area) linked to your Pinterest page.


Profile box

This widget will embed a box displaying a few of your most recent pins.


The only input required for this widget is a valid Pinterest username.  The profile box contains a link to your Pinterest profile and will automatically be sized to fit the widget area it is place in.

Pin any image button

The pin any image button offers a way for visitors to pin your site images to their Pinterest boards.


Clicking on a pin any image button pops open a grid of all available on the current page of your site.  Visitors simply click on one of thumbnails from the grid to be given option to pin that image to one of their boards.


There is a default Pinterest “Pin it” button included for this widget, but you can select a custom image from your uploaded widget images for this button as well.

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