Working with Slider Galleries

ProPhoto Slider galleries are a great way for visitors to scroll through a series of images on their own by simply clicking arrows, or buttons in the navigation area of the gallery.  Additionally, Slider galleries can display image captions and/or exif data, if present.  By customizing the look & feel of the Slider gallery type, you can express your unique branding and style.

Creating Slider Galleries

Upload some photos and create a gallery from them – it’s about as simple as that. See here for a full guide and video:

Image and Gallery Appearance

You can modify how the images in your Slider gallery, and the gallery overall can appear.  For example, you can add a border or rounded corners to your Slider gallery images.  And you can set a background color for the Slider gallery.

Previous/Next Arrows Style and Appearance

ProPhoto provides for a number of different styles of arrows to be used in the Slider galleries.  Once a style is selected, you can also edit the size, color and appearance of the arrows.

Caption & Exif Data Display

ProPhoto Slider galleries allow for the display of image captions and exif data, if present for the images.  You can also modify the way they are displayed within the gallery.

Navigation Options

In addition to the previous/next arrows in Slider galleries, there is also a navigation area at the bottom of the gallery that displays a “button” for each image in the gallery.   The buttons can be clicked to navigate to any image in the gallery.  You can modify the style, color, opacity and background of this navigation area.

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