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Just say the word “taxes” and most folks will tense right up.  Common symptoms include elevated blood pressure, cold sweats, pit in the stomach….you get the picture.  Fortunately, the ProPhoto Proofing plugin helps alleviate the anxiety by making it simple for you to charge and collect tax from your customers, when applicable.  (To determine if the products you sell in your jurisdiction are subject to taxation, you will need to discuss with a legal or taxation professional.  Sorry, we can do just about anything, except offer tax advice.)

Setting Tax Rates

To set the tax rate(s) to be applied to products sold on your site, head to “ProPhoto” > “Customize” > “Proofing Settings” > “Shipping & Taxes” and navigate to the “Country data” field.  In this section, you can check the boxes of all countries that you will sell/ship to.  Then, click on the country itself and additional fields will appear below it, allowing you to set a tax rate for the country, and indicate whether shipping is taxable in the country or not.

Country Data - Taxes

When a customer places an order on your site and provides their country location via the shipping form during checkout (see the “Ensuring Tax is Calculated” section below), whatever settings you’ve made here will be applied towards their order.

Additionally, if you are selling to customers in the United States or Canada, additional fields are also provided below to set tax rates for specific states or provinces you sell/ship to.  To do so, simply input the state/provincial abbreviation, followed by a comma, and the tax rate as a number.  For example, if you sell to customers in the state of Idaho, which has a state sales tax rate of 6%, in the “United States sales tax table” field you would enter the following:

US Sales Tax Rate

As you can see, it’s pretty straightforward.  You are free to enter as many states/provinces as you need.

Additionally, if you sell/ship into a state or province that has additional local taxes, you can enter those into these fields as well, using zip/postal codes.  The options available are very flexible.  You can enter a full zip/postal code, followed by a comma and then the rate.  Or, you can even enter a partial code, comma and rate.  For example, if you sold to various zip codes in the state of Ohio that started with 430, and these zip codes all have a local tax rate of 7.25%, you could enter:

Local Tax Rate

Or, if you ship to just one zip code, say 43047, you would enter the full zip code, followed by the comma and tax rate:

Full Zip Code Tax Rate

You are free to input as many full or partial codes and rates as you’d like in these fields.  And again, when a customer checks out and completes the shipping form with their location, ProPhoto Proofing will calculate and apply any applicable tax, per the fields here.

Making Products Taxable

Once you have your tax rates in place, the next step is to set the products that are subject to tax.  To do this, head to the “ProPhoto” > “Customize” > “Proofing Products” area.  In any of the 3 major product types offered, Products, Digital Downloads and Packages, you will see a product is taxable checkbox.  Check the box and the product will be subject to the tax rate(s) you have set.  Leave the box unchecked, and the product will not be subject to tax.

Product Product is Taxable

Making a “Product” taxable…

Dig Download Product is Taxable

A Digital Download product taxable…

Packages Product is Taxable

And a Package product taxable…

Ensuring Tax is Calculated

In order for tax to be calculated correctly on an order, the customer’s actual location needs to be known.  As such, make sure that the shipping form is enabled on your proofing galleries so that this information can captured. If the shipping form is disabled, there is no way for the customer to input their location, so Proofing has no way to calculate tax.

You can make sure the shipping form is enabled on your proofing galleries in the Shipping address form field of the proofing gallery editor screen.

Shipping Form Enabled Gallery Editor

And to make sure that the form is enabled by default on all new galleries, make sure it is enabled in the “New Gallery Defaults” section under “ProPhoto” > “Customize” > “Proofing Settings” > “General”.

Shipping Form Enabled New Gallery Defaults

Showing Calculated Tax to Customers

This is actually already done by default by ProPhoto Proofing.  When a customer goes to checkout from their cart, the final checkout screen will automatically display calculated taxes.

Checkout Taxes Display

There shouldn’t be any reason to modify this display, but if you do, head to “ProPhoto” > “Customize” > “Proofing Settings” > “Words & Phrases” and locate the “Checkout confirmation” area.  This field allows you to modify how that information is displayed.

Checkout Confirmation Text Modification

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