Proofing Watermark

This particular option can be found by logging into your site's admin area and going to:
"ProPhoto" > "Customize" > "Proofing Appearance" > "Watermarks"

The ProPhoto theme offers a variety of image theft protection options for images displayed in the posts or pages of your site. One of the options included is watermarking of images.

However, because your protection needs for proofing galleries may be different from regular posts or pages, ProPhoto Proofing provides additional watermarking features you can use just for your proofing galleries.  It also gives you the ability to create up to four different watermarking profiles that you can apply to different galleries.

ProPhoto Proofing provides the following options for your proofing gallery watermark profiles.


Proofing Watermark Profile 1 Appearance Settings

  1. Watermark Profile Name – Since you have the option of creating up to four different watermark profiles, this option allows you to give each a unique name that will help you remember which one is which.
  2. Single or Tiled Watermarking – When set to “tiled,” the watermark will tile on top of your image, with whatever spacing you set it to (see option #3).  If you set to “single,” the watermark will appear just once on your image, wherever you set it to be positioned (see option #4).
  3. Tiled Watermark Spacing – Assuming you have “tiled watermark” set in option #2, this option allows you to set the spacing between each tiled watermark on your image.
  4. Single Watermark Position – If you have the “single watermark” option selected in option #2, you can use this setting to choose positioning of the watermark on your image.
  5. Opacity – You can set the transparency of your watermark as it appears on your proofing gallery images. 0% means the watermark would be completely transparent, 100% being completely opaque.
  6. Minimum Size of Images to Watermark – This option allows you to set the minimum pixels (width plus height) required for an image, in order for your watermark to be applied. Any images not meeting this threshold will not be watermarked.

After these are set, you can upload your watermark image:

Proofing Demo Watermark

Once you have selected your options and saved the watermark profile, assuming you have it “enabled,” whenever you go to create/edit a proofing gallery, you have the option of applying that profile (or any others you’ve created) to the gallery.  You also have the option of using your ProPhoto site watermark settings (as set under “ProPhoto” > “Customize” > “Content Appearance” > “Text & Images”) for the proofing gallery, or no watermarking.

In the proofing gallery editor screen, under “Display options:” locate the “Watermarking” dropdown and choose the option you’d like to apply.

Proofing Gallery Display Options - Click Watermark

Proofing Gallery Display Options - Watermarking Options

So assuming we applied our Proofing Watermark Profile #1 to a gallery, based on our default settings in the watermark profile screenshot above, this is what it would look like on a proofing gallery:

You also have the ability, in the “New gallery defaults” section under “ProPhoto” > “Customize” > “Proofing Settings” > “General” to set a default watermarking profile for all new proofing galleries you can create.  Again, you have the option of choosing between any of the specific proofing watermark profiles you created, the ProPhoto site watermark options, or no watermarking at all.

Proofing New Gallery Watermark Default Profile Setting

Choose here which watermark profile you want applied as a default to all new galleries you create.


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