What’s New in P5

ProPhoto5 (P5) was released on January 7, 2014.

How to upgrade:

If you want to upgrade, click here to purchase ProPhoto5 for only $89.

New feature list:

This list represents some of the new stuff you will find in P5:

  • brand new “Slider” image gallery format
  • ProPhoto “Buttons”: create clickable layered graphics from text and images with hover states
  • new grid type: popular posts
  • retina display support for all content images
  • threaded comment support
  • built to support the ProPhoto Proofing plugin, which will be released in Spring of 2014 (ProPhoto 4 is NOT compatible with Proofing plugin)
  • new Instagram widget
  • several new free included designs
  • old free included designs re-designed to use new ProPhoto “Buttons” feature, making them much easier to customize
  • lightbox gallery thumbnails can now display as “masonry” (pinterest style) instead of uniformly cropped
  • lightbox gallery thumbnails can have a custom crop ratio set
  • Google fonts integration
  • full support for WPML language translation plugin
  • most grid items can now ajax-load and display content in slidedown area within grid
  • new multi-purpose Pinterest widget: pin site images, show pinterest feed, badge, etc.
  • pinterest per-image pinning: show a “pin” image when rolling over content image
  • override grid text length to custom setting
  • contact form much more customizeable, more custom fields, more kinds of fields
  • “Sneak peak” navigation: new single-post prev/next navigation method where thumbnail of adjacent posts peaks out from side of site when user scrolls to the bottom
  • mobile site contact form
  • Google analytics integration for contact form requests
  • “sticky” primary menu: stick menu to top of window while scrolling
  • full window-width menu
  • sidebar can use full height of your site, instead of starting below masthead/bio
  • sidebar can be “fixed”: content stays in place while you scroll
  • post author display (with optional image) in post header
  • entire site can be aligned left or right, in addition to centered
  • footer can be full width of widow, instead of contained by site width
  • footer can be “fixed”: stays stuck to bottom of window no matter what
  • new option for overlay-style grids: overlay slides up/down instead of fades in/out
  • set individual colors for grid overlays, each grid item can have different colors
  • select from previously used and uploaded images when customizing
  • Customizable “Tweet this URL” tweet text in Call to Action area
  • option to use custom image or button for grid post “read more” links
  • new admin color picker with opacity slider built in
  • customizeable menu dropdown width
  • infinite scrolling for page types that show multiple posts
  • new admin drag & drop customizer for ProPhoto header layout
  • inline, ajax-loading of the rest of post excerpts on standard excerpt pages
  • optional divider background images between menu items
  • customizeable search box and search button for menu & widget search forms
  • contact form admin notifications so you never miss a request
  • new bio widget area: bottom spanning column
  • letterspacing font customization added to nearly every font customization area
  • SMS text-message mobile site links
  • optional site “top cap” image
  • ProPhoto text widget now has built-in text alignment options
  • customizeable site border and dropshadow, plus whole-site rounded corners
  • SEO: custom meta descriptions for WordPress Pages
  • option to set a unique static home page for mobile site
  • …and hundreds of more small improvements, refinements, and refactorings

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